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ThinkAMDS: your bridge to the Italian market!

A team of highly experienced senior Italian
linguists at your service - just a click away!

    treasuring our customers' satisfaction since our company foundation!

ThinkAMDS enjoys an excellent reputation with its many repeat customers throughout the world and
within the language services and translation industry. We have gained our reputation by consistently
delivering top-quality translation and localization services, always assuring extreme timeliness and
professionalism as it is required by the most demanding applications.

Wealth of technical know-how

We are a team of native Italian professionals, and we are based in Tuscany, Italy, the true cradle
of the Italian language. Our translators come from the world renowned Advanced School of Modern
Languages for Translators and Interpreters
in Trieste, Italy and from other equivalent professional
experiences in Italy and abroad. Each member of our staff has over two decades of experience.

We come from different fields of the IT, electronics, mechanical, naval, graphic and biomedical
and we have gained our deep experience and know-how working in the most demanding
environments where absolute timeliness and top-level quality were crucial constraints.
Blending our know-how in a wide variety of technical fields, our team is able to deliver a wide range of
translation and localization services.

With ThinkAMDS as your translation services provider, you will benefit from several unmatched advantages!

If you decide to assign your documents, technical manuals and guides or web sites to us, our translations
will feel as close to your target audience as the source text is to you. We'll transfer all the nuances, the
different tones and language levels you used in your source documents to your target audience, with the
ability that only a native experienced professional can have. Our wide experience and our skills are a real
guarantee for the accuracy of technical terminology.
Following the principles of the ISO standards, we are able to efficiently satisfy high quality demands as
required by top-level industries. Our expertise in using Computer Aided Translation Tools allows us to
increase our daily output, while assuring quality and lexical consistency through different projects and
across file formats. Moreover, thank to our long-proved methods, we can always offer cost-effective,
very attracting rates, granting discounts for volume and regular jobs.

Our commitment

We are all dedicated to fully satisty our customer's needs and requirements. Our main goal is to
deliver tailor-made services, on specs, on time and on budget. ThinkAMDS is a valuable resource
of language services you can count on always at affordable prices.